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Art History- Greco Romans by Karima Radwan- Art History Instructor

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de | Luni, 27 noiembrie 2017, 18:20 webReleases | Educatie

Art has always been a representation of the mentality of a society, and at the same time, the servant of a cause. Art has shaped human consciousness throughout the ages and has given us a physical manifestation of the people, ideas and cultures of the past.

The cognitive and educational functions of our society are manifested through aesthetics and developed with artistic sensibility incumbent upon the sensorial, the affinities of a culture, human intelligence and reason.

To achieve an objective examination of artistic forms belonging to different eras of art history is an interdisciplinary endeavor, making a classification of cultures, periodization of time and identification of features of artistic creations and mutual influences paramount in obtaining a holistic view of the past.

We invite you to take a trip with us through one of the most important art historical periods: The Greco-Roman world.


•    This course will be presented in English language
•    Foreign students are welcome to the workshop!

Duration: 8 sessions of 2h and 30 min each:  - January 11th – March 8th (except February 8th), every Thursday 6.30 - 21.00 PM

Cost for the entire workshop / course – 800 ron (+VAT)

Join ways: reserve a place until December 20th – deadline for 50% of payment The remaining 50% is paid at the latest on january 20th.

Minimum seats: 10

For registration please contact: or 0726113494 - Luminita Vasile - Basil Gallery.

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